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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to Change Your Job Before Your Employer Does It for You (Part 3)

Continued from yesterday... Reasons to consider why you should stay with your current employer: 1. You need to give your employer and job a chance. It can take about six months for you to go through training in a new job. If you depart after a year, you haven’t received much experience at all. If you don’t give yourself enough time at your job, you’ll never be trusted with more important projects that can help build your career. 2. It looks bad to switch jobs every year. Companies won’t invest in you if they know that you’re going to be a job hopper. They are looking for loyal employees who could become the next generation of leaders. Employers look down on resumes that depict job hopping for this very reason. ”Even in a focused search through recruiters I’m always looking to eliminate the job hopper,” says Mark Suster, a Partner at GRP Partners. “You’re probably disloyal. You don’t have staying power.” 3. It’s going to be very challenging finding a new job. Sometimes you just need to be happy with the job you have because so many people are unemployed. Many companies aren’t hiring now and the amount of time you spend job searching could be better utilized becoming a better and more valuable employee. 4. You will have to rebuild an internal network. When you work for a company for several years, you start to become well-known and highly connected there. You work with people in different departments, geographies, age brackets and positions. By formulating this network, you become more valuable and more productive. You learn about who inside your company can help you solve problems or accomplish projects. When you change employers, your network resets and you have to start investing time and energy in new relationships. If you decide it is time to change your job before your employer does it for you, you need to do some serious career planning. You may be in a situation where you are fully committed at work and but your gifting may not be the best fit. This may call for a new professional position, consistent with your skills and abilities, either inside or outside your present organization. In addition, this position may, or may not be, related to prior industries or functional areas you have worked in. What is important is that the new position be consistent with your Core DESIGN in order to guarantee long-term fulfillment and success: D = Driving Motivators E = Experiences: Life Lessons Learned from Life Experiences S = Specialized Skills & Strengths I = Interests & Passions G = Unique Gifting (talents) N = Natural Personality Are you struggling to determine whether you should stay with your present company, change to a new job, or perhaps even start your own business? Truth@Life can assist you with a simple 12-step process to navigate this journey, identify your Core DESIGN, develop and implement a career plan, and lead to a very positive outcome. Read more at http://www.truthatlife.com/ or Call 248-396-6255 or email me at curtis.songer@gmail.com for a FREE consultation. For more info on help I can provide check out http://truthatlife.com/

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